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Senator DeGazon advocates for small businesses with tax issues

Senator Allison DeGazon expressed concern about the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s collection efforts of delinquent taxes owed by small businesses and individual taxpayers.

"I am aware of the fiscal challenges that face the territory, and the government’s need to collect all outstanding revenue. The personnel at the Bureau of Internal Revenue are proficient in meeting one of the mandates that is to collect from delinquent accounts," DeGazon said.

DeGazon said business owners do have delinquent taxes, but are also owed funds from the government.

"Based on many calls to my office and personal contact with taxpayers, it has become more clear that many of the taxpayers that are behind in their tax payments. But some of these same taxpayers are owed hundreds of dollars in many cases, with some possibly thousands of dollars from the government, with the majority struggling to meet pre-hurricane revenue numbers," DeGazon said.

DeGazon said there are individual taxpayers that are owed tax refunds, as well.

"Although the Bureau of Internal Revenue has a refund off-set to pay delinquent taxes. But the off-set program needs review. Delinquent income taxes should be off-set at the time of tax filing, and not at the time when the government realizes funds to allocate to pay individual tax refunds. That delay in the collection method could place taxpayers in a financial hardship," DeGazon said.

The senator said she shared her concerns with the Joel A. Lee, Director Nominee of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, in an effort for the Bureau to have a better level of understanding the fiscal struggles our community businesses and individuals.

"I shall continue to stay in contact with the Director Nominee relating to this community concern," she said.

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