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Sen. DeGazon questions WAPA about dark driving areas in the community

Sen. Allison DeGazon on Sunday spoke to officials at the Water and Power Authority about when poorly lit driving areas in the territory—like the Melvin H. Evans highways—will be addressed.

A large portion of the Melvin H. Evans highway is shrouded in darkness when night falls. The poor lighting is also a hazard as the highway also has major structural issues that drivers may be unable to see. Overall, the highway at nights presents many safety issues for residents and visitors.

DeGazon said she called WAPA’s Chief Operating Officer, Clinton Hedrington, who told her that a vendor has been secured to fix the highway’s lights.

“They recently secured a vendor for the contract and are currently ordering the supplies needed,” DeGazon said, noting that Hedrington said the project will be completed within 30 days and supplies were expected to arrive within the next few weeks.

The senator assured the community that she would be following up on the project to ensure it is completed. While this is not the job of a senator, DeGazon felt compelled to advocate for the community because things were not being done.

“Driving on that highway at night is dangerous. The safety of our community is important to me and I will continue to address other dark areas in the community,” DeGazon said.

DeGazon is also reminding the community that WAPA will be answering to the senate Oct. 1 at the Earle B. Ottley Legislative Hall on St. Thomas.

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