• Sen. Allison DeGazon

Sen. DeGazon provides Agriculture Update

Sen. Allison L. DeGazon is updating the community on the status of Agriculture in the territory.

First, the farmers market has moved, and will be on the Department of Agriculture’s grounds this Saturday and all Saturdays moving forward, to allow for more appropriate spacing during the COVID-19 State of Emergency Declaration.

The senator also wanted to share these other updates:

• She has drafted a bill that would appropriate $100,000 from the Internal Revenue Matching Fund to the Department of Agriculture for the purchase of produce and livestock from registered farmers for the Department of Education’s “No child goes hungry program” and other feeding initiatives during the period of the state of emergency brought about by COVID-19,

• The Department of Agriculture is low on hay. The Department has been bailing their own hay, but the demand continues to exceed supply. Once funds are released from the Office of Management and Budget, an order can be made and the property on the south side of the Department can be developed to produce hay,

• The issues that led to the Department of Agriculture closing the abattoir have been addressed. The Department has requested an inspection for the 13th of April from the US Department of Agriculture’s Puerto Rico office. Currently, they are working on the standard operating procedures.

“I will continue to monitor the state of the agriculture in the territory and provide more updates as I receive them. I would like to thank the Department of Agriculture for working diligently to ensure the needs of the people of the Virgin Islands are met,” DeGazon said.

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