Co-Sponsored Legislation

Bill No. 33-0090

An Act amending title 24, chapter 12, sections 302 and 308 of the Virgin Islands Code to implement a new methodology for assigning individual employer Unemployment Insurance Taxes as administered by the Virgin Islands Department of Labor’s Division of Unemployment Insurance

Bill No. 33-0070

An Act authorizing the Governor of the Virgin Islands to secure a revolving credit facility in an amount not to exceed $80,000,000 to pay service providers, pending the receipt and disbursement of funds, and to pay other outstanding obligations

Bill No. 33-0067

An Act amending title 19, chapter 34 of the Virgin Islands Code to extend the time within which the Cannabis Advisory Board must propose Rules and Regulations for implementation of the chapter

Bill No. 33-0051

An Act amending title 19, part II, chapter 16, section 243, subsection (g) of the Virgin Islands Code relating to the composition of the hospitals governing boards

Bill No. 33-0043

An Act amending title 27, chapter 9 of the Virgin Islands Code by adding a section 305h providing for a ban on the retail sale or offer for sale, and the distribution or importation for retail purposes of topical sunscreen products containing oxybenzone and octinoxate

Bill No. 33-0032

An Act amending title 3, chapter 33, section 881a of the Virgin Islands Code to require the Office of Management and Budget, the Department of Finance, and the Bureau of Information and Technology to establish an official internet website by June 1, 2020, which would provide the public with user-friendly access to financial information, to add more items to the list of required contents of the database and add to the responsibilities of the Office of Management on Budget, Department of Finance and Bureau of Information and Technology

Bill No. 33-0027

An act amending title 17, chapter 7, section 61a of the Virgin Islands Code to allow the Department of Education greater flexibility in setting the school calendar upon the declaration of a state of emergency

Bill No. 33-0014

An Act amending section 13 of Act No. 7261 to increase the annual appropriation from the Internal Revenue Matching Fund to the Government Employees Retirement System from $7,000,000 to $10,000,000 and to allocate 60 percent of the appropriation to pay outstanding employer contributions and 40 percent as a direct contribution

Bill No. 33-0009

An Act amending title 20, Part II, chapter 37, subchapter II, section 407 relating to sale of taxi medallions by adding a new subsection (d) providing a definition of Virgin Islands veteran for the purposes of the section

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